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Halloween World of the Lost By Rafael Chandler & Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Adventure One Shot Or Mini Campaign Event

Halloween means something very different to me then some other folks; for me its the beginning of the holidays to get together with old friend's swill some beer, talk about table top role playing games, comic books, get into some campaign work shop design. So why is this critical? Because my gang of players is coming to another leg of my Warlord of The Outer Worlds game & I want to do Halloween game. There were about six of us tonight including of my favorite lady dungeon masters to lend me a hand. Karen & Alley are two ladies along with their husbands whom I've known forever & ever; well at least since I was running Mentzer Basic D&D, Vampire Dark Ages, a Mage The Ascension/Ars Magica crossover game, my infamous Kult/WoD campaign setting which later morphed into straight Kult, Trinity, etc. Both of these ladies took over for their husband's OD&D groups while both hubbies were in Iraq & Afghanistan serving in the armed forces. So they have a rather unique perspective when it comes to dealing with various table top issues. The topic of conversation was Lamentations of the Flame Princess World of the Lost


World of the Lost brings several things to the table for OSR gaming. Not only are there some great setting tools in the book perfect for building city states, details on African mythos, tribal factions, and more. But there's a ton of lost or relic technology to steal from even tables for generating more. We took several notes on world creation as we tasted beer and discussed various OSR Halloween adventure pitches.

Using World of the Lost As Adventure
Location Tool Kit

So tonight I got together with friends trying various beers & BSing about old school gaming. The beers were solidly put together but it was really about Halloween gaming. So one leg of my Warlord For The Outer Worlds game campaign is ending & I really want to have a Halloween game. Richard one of the DM's at the table brought his copy of The World Of the Lost book by Mr. Rafael Chandler  . Several folks mentioned using the Amazons from Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea but combining the equipment, character backgrounds, & tribal aspects from World of the Lost. They wanted advanced metal workers guarding an ancient half forgotten secret in a lost cavern world about the size of Europe.

So the set up in World of the Lost goes something like this; "Central Africa, 1551. The metalworkers of Awka rise in prominence, even as the Kingdom of Nri declines. Every year, the Awka who dwell in the shadow of the Great Plateau deliver their tribute to the gods that dwell there. To acquire this treasure for themselves, the adventurers must face great beasts like the gbahali, mokele-mbembe, and the kholomodumo. Then they must brave a dungeon where memory is an illusion and time is a weapon. No sane person would ever attempt this. But a thousand years of tribute paid in silver." So this is a 17th century fictional Nigeria and its way too tempting to not use as a much more advanced city state and plateau in the inner Earth  especially with some extreme and weird pulpy resources in the mix. Would a mix of World of the Lost & AS&SH change anything at all? Nope not in the least. But it needed much more then simply dropping both of these resources into the same setting. This piece of artwork that someone pulled up on their tablet gave part of the inspiration. "This heroine has strength of steel, indomitable resolve, and mystic sorcery to turn the undead! She would be victorious. Illustration by +Del Teigeler!" This piece for the second edition of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea kickstarter gave the group some inspiration. Keep all of the details on the paladin except change her over to one of the tribes from World of The Lost. We began giving her details, background, and more. There are several citystates of Amazons from Old Earth  guarding several inner Earth secrets.

Among them in the jungles  is a relic rich city of old Earth, this adventure location  isn't what it at first seems. This is an old Earth city straight out of the 1960's which is actually under a curse of Orcus the demon lord of the undead & Artemis. The city's former inhabitants have all been turned into ghouls by an undead plague & are getting picked off by the Amazon's guns. But there's a fortune in silver, gold, and other worldly relics all waiting for adventurers to grab or get grabbed. And what about that curse? Is this a case of a static situation or a slowly degenerating group of survivors guarding 

The Amazons are the only thing keeping these horrors from escaping their jungle ruins. Not to mention the hazards of the dinosaurs & other alien horrors that these tribes of warrior women  are guarding. There are several options on the table one of which is a the AS&SH adventure Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess. This wonderful little resource has a bunch of mutated & modified dinosaurs along with a really nasty adventure location that can be added to another inner Earth plateau.

Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess brings lots of interesting twists to the table; both Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea & Lamentations of the Flame Princess work really nicely together. Between the two systems you've got the making for a mini campaign that could last some months. The alien adventure location from the Lost World can easily be slipped onto another area for one of these city states. And there's enough weird adventures to keep a group of players going for years or even months of play.

A dungeon master can easily drop a party of AS&SH adventurers into the prehistoric or Amazonian mix of this style of campaign. The deadliness of the world can be at Alien's levels of danger & horror. Having the Amazons around as hirelings or PC's is a solid option according to my fellow DM's Here are some of our conclusions from last night's beer & BS session. 

Ten Reasons To Use Combined World Of The Lost & Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers Of Hyperborea 

  1.  The systems work easily and are cross compatible with little issue making for a richer & fuller prehistoric sword & sorcery campaign experience 
  2. Expansion of cultures, tribes, and possible NPC creation 
  3. A wide variety of technological levels from the ground up from stone age through Bronze age tech as well as beyond. 
  4. Far more PC options are brought to the table enriching both game systems PC creation. 
  5. Random dinosaur, technology creation characters and more from World of the Lost 
  6.  The World of the Lost city states can provide the PC's with a home base from which to adventure from. 
  7. Sword & Sorcery sometimes needs a twist or two to bring home some of the horror of the setting played right and this type of adventure can have players pissing their pants. 
  8. Sorcerers, medicine men, shamans are a must here and hunters, rangers, etc are not going to hurt. 
  9. Warriors and fighters are going to get a work out. Guns & black powder nor even high technological weapons might not help. 
  10.  There are a wide latitude for world creation here and the DM is going to be making some serious decisions about the how and why of certain elements of this style of campaign adventure.

This whole thing could be dropped right into the post apocalyptic wasteland for a real change up in some forgotten valley or other lost world plateau for even more unexpected OSR thrills.

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1d10 Random Works of the Sorcerer King Lu-Gan Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Tremble at ye mighty works of the sorcerer king Lu-gan whose word was law & who walked in the many shadows of Atlantis, Lemuria, and fabled Mu. The mighty lord upon whose scrolls were writ with  the whole of the law from whom the gods from Citadel Of The Obsidian Crown. Angels came at his beckoned call & the Heavens cracked at his word for his was the power of Law! Now all that remains of King Lu-gan are his works & artifacts which sometimes come up in distant markets or Tule or the like. The king hasn't been heard from in centuries. But there are those who say you can hear his ghost wailing in the desert lands still trying to rule over his kingdom of the dead.

Only those who know & acknowledge the cosmic wisdom of the gods of Lu-gan can use his relics, artifacts, and relics. Otherwise they will be trying to compensate for the lack of magical power that seems to flow with interruption through the magical constructs.

1d10 Random Works of the Sorcerer King Lu-Gan Table

  1. Rod of the Cosmic Law - The rod can interrupt the flow of magical energies to a spell or magic item when the owner repeats a word or secret phrase of law over and over. 
  2.  Manacles of Law - These manacles are used to restrain & bind creatures of chaos and dark magic. They were often used for torture and sadistic punishments of the creatures of Hell. They can bind demons & hell spawn with the word of Lu -gan 
  3. Fan of the Rational Mind - This metal fan is made from the tears of angels & weapons from the Fall of Man. It allows one to blow all opinions influences of the darkness away from them with a sixty percent chance of success. 
  4. The Staff of The Atlantean Law - This staff will create a bubble of Law around the owner with an AC of 5 for 1d20 hours but the staff fills the mind of the owner with the dogma of Law. They will be at a -3 for all rolls as the great cosmic truths fill their brain. 
  5. Halo of Mu - This halo of iron takes away the will & mind of the owner as it floats above the owner's head sapping both wisdom and intelligence one point per day. The owner will obey simple commands. 
  6. Gavel of Thule - The owner can cause a thunder crack of lawful energies that does 1d6 points of damage to any creature of  Chaos unless a saving throw is made 
  7. Scrolls of  Lu -Gan - These scrolls contain the wisdom of the sorcerer king but will have to be studied for 1d10 hours in order to gain his wisdom. There is a 30% chance per session that the owner will become lost within the perplexing wisdom of Lu-gan and will have to start over again.
  8. Dice of the Designer - These dice once throw will take 1d6 temporary points of wisdom and intelligence as the song of the Law fills their head for 1d6 hours. 
  9. The Scroll of Mysteries - This legendary item is filled with great deed and legends known to Lu-gan. There is a 40% chance that some sorcerous mystery might be known to the king but the owner will have to put up with long drawn out preaching of the scroll's spirit of Law.  
  10. Head of Lu -gan - These statue heads were once the guardians of the kingdom and any major undead must make a save or be turned to ash. Lesser undead or demons can not stand within the gaze of these heads.
    Those gazing upon these awesome displays power & lawful ego must save vs wands or feel worthless unless they prostrate themselves before these idols. Each head once per day may project a ray of daylight that can destroy any undead or least demon before it within a twenty foot radius.

    These items frequently come up in the wastelands of many worlds as Lu-gan reigned for a thousand years over vast stretches of lands & people but his works have changed hands many times over the years. Many priests & servants of Law covet these items and will pay top coin for them.

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1d6 Random Named Ancient Minor Weapons of Warfare Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea & Your Old School Campaigns

Photo by Pleple2000

They come from many places, times, & are found buried with the Ancients. They come from a time beyond recorded time itself. They are the weapons of the gods, kings, royals, & warriors of extraordinary aspect. These are weapons with names such as Blood Taker, Soul Writer, & Wind Carver. These are weapons of name & renowned passed from father to son or daughter. These weapons often carry curses as well as boons upon them. Here are six weapons of unusual and potent aspect.

Photo by Hollófernyiges

There is a forty percent chance when found that the ego and mind of these weapons might be intact able to still be awakened by the right rites and ancient spells known to only a few of the craft of sorcery and sword craft.

  1. Havathugorcat is a bastard sword with the spirit of a hell cat bound within it; the weapon whispers & advises its owner on matters of statecraft, warfare, and bloody violence. The weapon is a +3 weapon able to cut through the patterns of souls as well as most types of man made materials but it hungers for flesh as well. The owner may develop the trait of liking to torment his victims.
  2. Irorir  A +2 dagger of bronze, meteor iron, & a foundation of silver, the weapon has the bound soul of a shaman of the Borea wind bound within it and each new moon it glows with a holy light. It is able to destroy any minor undead with one stroke and hungers for the undead energies that it can prey upon.
  3. Kavarthaen -The ax of the forgotten winds that cleaves through spells and brains with easy. This old Celtic weapon is a combination of the soul of a great chief and his last battle song. It loathes certain clans of wizards and hungers for their blood as well creatures of magick or chaos. +3 against creatures of magic but +4 against wizards or spell casters.
  4. Cagorakava is the warlock's companion blade forged of raw iron & the power of black songs of the undead in the cold hells between the dimensional spaces. The weapon loves to steal the powers of the undead & often hungers for unlife with an unhealthy relish. A +2 weapon of war and violence.
  5. Orirglinthala or the Dark Ire this weapon has been forged between the seconds of war by weirdling mages of ancient Borea. The weapon is able to slice through time and space able to open rifts in the fabric of other worlds and create a time space gate once each month. The weapon also loves to hunt for and slay demons. The weapon is a +4 weapon against demons or a + 2 against black wizards. 
  6. Chabegon The sunlight's bane is a the last weird weapon taken from the forge of the sun's sword maker. This weapon glows with an inner flame of angel light & elemental power, once per day this weapon can act as a flaming sword with the added benefit of causing double damage to undead especially vampires, ghouls, and other minor undead. The weapon once per day may shoot a gout of flame up to 30 feet.

1d10 Minor Hoards Table for The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg And Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

There are ancient and time worn crypts where forgotten treasures and halls of antiques which  lay far underground. Here then is a quick list of random hoards of more then mere gold coins in the long forgotten dark and queer underground worlds where the dead and desperately  departed have left forgotten loot and strange legacies in the dark of the dungeon

1d10 Minor Hoards Table 
  1. 1d20X100 Ancient bronze and gold covered prehistoric feline skulls of a dangerous & predatory cat thing. The eyes of these items glow with an inner fox fire of rime and fungus in the dark. 
  2. 300 pounds of ivory taken from the most aggressive and dangerous mammoths of some long forgotten valley. The ivory is marked with weird and wild symbols of lost barbarian tribes. 
  3.  100 ancient spears made from long forgotten fossilized woods. The spears bronze and iron heads are marked with weird and strange symbols on the heads. 
  4. 600 iron ingots of a rare and pure type, these are prized by weapon smiths and sword makers. 
  5. 100 tightly packed jars of rare Earth soils,elements, and powders from far off and mysterious lands. The jars are sealed with a black wax and marked with protective wards against evil spirits. 
  6. 300 pounds of semi precious stones sealed in cut crystal jars each marked with ancient symbols 
  7. 600 skulls of some ancient race of giants heads adorned with copper crowns and iron scepters. The crown glow in the darkness. 
  8. A pile of ancient gold axes now fused by age and time. These were never meant for human hands. The gold is a mix of bronze and gold. 
  9. A gigantic pile of 10000 copper buttons each with a Yellow Sign on them, the signs seem to swim and ungulate in the torch light. 
  10. 600 yellow and red gold bells that will sound if even lightly touched. These things were used in ancient forbidden rites to summon long dead and dreaming demons.

Warlord Of The Outer Worlds - The Doom From Below! Into the Martians Empire

Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.
— H. G. Wells (1898), The War of the Worlds


Let me catch you up on what's happening in my 'Warlords of The Outer Worlds' campaign, after re equipping & visiting the inner world city of Karorgur. One of the main trading city states for the semi advanced races of the inner world where trade, commerce & more takes place. The party were attacked by inner world gnomes part of the assassins clone vats. The assassins rode giant mutant spiders and caused no end of hassle. They finally managed to destroy the little bastards & leave behind the city state but these assassins are still on their trail.

They're on a rescue mission for other adventurers who have gotten themselves trapped within one of the main city states of the Martians. The party set the atomic batteries to full & off they went with the sonic drill borrowing through tons of earth and rock until a chance encounter with a Martian scout machine below China. No one goes to the Martian city state of Thac-cthuanot & returns; here the Martians harvest the organs, blood, & anything organic they can get a hold of. The party's boring machine got stuck in the red weed of the Martians; the  red weed (also referred to as the red creeper or the red swamp) is everywhere through out the tunnel systems & Europe sized caverns of the Martians. The stuff is used as minor power source, lubricant, bio gel, etc. its essentially analogous to the way that Hemp once had many industrial applications on Earth. They have yet to encounter the giant Martian spideriods who harvest it.

The Martian's  red weed is everywhere, a prickly vegetation spreading wherever there is abundant underground water. And there are rumors of the under workers who maintain the machine systems for their other worldly masters. Human stock that has been mutated under the genetic guidance of the Martians who act as their agents throughout the Inner Earth.

They keep track of & monitor their vast inner world empire through the use of Crystal Eggs & their vast net work of psychic crystals scattered throughout their empire. The Martians use a wide variety of agents, cybernetic agents, mutates, and worse to spread their evil throughout the underworld & the wastelands above! These intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic alien minds have divided the inner Earth into a vast maze of blood soaked tunnels as they continue to ever expand their empire miles below the feet of the unsuspecting fools above. Even the worst evil below avoids contact with these alien horrors from beyond.
There is a constant of cold warfare between the Martians & the Derro all of which compete for the mutant & near human stock of the surface world. The Morlocks play both sides against the middle trading human stock and saving the choicest cuts for themselves while making a profit from the whole mess.

Meanwhile the party has upgraded their boring machine with the latest relic weaponry hauls & their on a mission into the alien heart of darkness. Who knows what twisted alien horrors they will be encountering in tonight's game? Here's a sample!

1d14 Random Dangerous Inner Earth Encounters Table
Around Thac-cthuanot

  1. Bleeding & confused victim of the Martian's blood harvesting who will bleed out in 1d10 minutes just long enough to describe the horrors of what he or she has seen. 
  2. Martian Scout walker AC 6 HP 60 1d8 heat ray damage
  3. 1d8 giant spideriod red weed harvesters use giant spider stats Monster Manual first edition. 
  4. War Walker tunnel mover AC 4 HP80 1d10 heat ray 200 yard range 
  5. 1d8 homid mutant slaves 
  6. 1d6 scout walkers armed with heat rays and ferrying in slaves AC 6 HP 60 1d8 heat ray damage
  7. 1d20 Morlocks armed with energy weapons in a drill machine AC7 HP 50 sonic weaponry 1d6 range 60 yards 
  8. Serpent man sorcerer ambassador with 1d30 body guards and crew in a saucer machine AC6  30 hit points  armed with death rays 1d8 range 60 yards. 
  9. 1d10 random Martian Manta Ray war machines AC4 HP 80 Armed with heat rays 1d8 range 100 yards and photon bubble cannons 1d10 per shot range 1 mile. 
  10. Martian drill machine AC 4 HP 60 armed with sonic drill and heat ray 1d8 per shot with a range of 30 yards. Full harvest of red weed aboard. 
  11. 1d20 ape men warrior handlers 5th level fighters armed with heat ray pistols. 
  12. Blood harvester & warrior walker AC 6, HP 60, armed with battle tendrils 1d6 points of damage per strike. Armed with surgical laser claws 1d4 damage capable of slicing up a man in seconds 
  13. 1d20 spideroids armed with cutting laser weapons 1d6  AC 7 HP10 
  14. Run away slaves being pursued by scout walkers if you help them then the scout walkers will be alerted!

    Will our heroes survive? Tun in next week same inner Earth channel!

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Commentary On Signature Characters, Campaign Setting Buy In & The Power of The Players!

A new piece of  Sword & Sorcery artwork has been released by Jeff Talanian & it has me thinking about campaign world building. Along with the artwork are the signature characters of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. Those intrepid souls who grace the OSR covers & setting bookings of countless rpg's.  Signature characters help to create the mood,  cement the brand for an rpg product, & to hopefully want to make the consumer want to create adventures in the game's world. They're as old as the Basic/ Expert D&D Rogues Gallery & even commercial advertising mascots. For Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea this is a homage move & throwback to the Rogues Gallery and sword & sorcery comic books of yore.

"New art has rolled in for the Second Edition of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (Kickstarter live now: This piece, originally pencilled and inked by Val Semeiks (Conan the Barbarian, Lobo, Wolverine), has now been colored by Daisey Bingham. This picture will serve as a frontispiece for Volume III: Adventure & Combat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!"

We're even given a glimpse into who these adventurers are in the world of AS&SH.
" Those are part of our cast of iconic characters that will be part of the ROGUES GALLERY in the appendix of the book. There you have a Kimmerian barbarian, a Keltic fighter, and a Hyperborean warlock. Their stats will be presented for 1st, 5th, and 9th levels."
I understand that this is a very old form of advertising & what I'm about to say has absolutely nothing to do with Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2nd edition's writer/designer's choices in artwork & the use of signature characters. These adventurers have been appearing since the Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess adventure.  They're a great concept & marketing move on the part of North Wind Adventures.

As an old school dungeon master I could careless who the signature character is any old school or new school gaming system. Because my focus & lens when it comes to an rpg system campaign's signature characters are on my player's PC's. Why is this a problem because its another way that a dungeon master can become ham strung by a game designer's writing & campaign world buy in.  I understand the high world campaign history & background but many times my players don't want to encounter or play around what are essentially for them silver plated NPC's. This is one of the reasons why I love James Raggi's Lamentations of the Flame Princess, the world is essentially our real world history with a weird fictional twist where signature characters die by the score!

True story I had a friend of mine Bob who loves West End Games Star Wars system, however he had players who were incredibly familiar with Nineties Star Wars trivia, minutia, & setting material. I mean these guys & gals could name off star systems, characters by the score, signature characters of Star Wars, and more. What did Bob who wasn't at the time as proficient in Star Wars minutia do? He flung the whole lot of players into a hyperspace corridor and created his own world, systems, NPC characters, alien races etc. His players are still talking about his campaign to this day as one of the most memorable & enjoyable games they've had.

Way back in the early Two Thousands I was running White Wolf's  Exalted system which is rife with a cast of thousands of signature characters, signature places, signature NPC's, and more. One of my players kept bringing each and every new book or gaming comic to the table wanting to have his PC have many of the same powers and abilities as signature characters. This used to piss not me as the DM off but the players who became bounty hunters of a pretty good level who then proceeded to hunt down each & every NPC they could from the worlds of Exalted. It was actually a very good game campaign a blast of fun but man that system gives me headaches. The point is that the players felt very hemmed in by the world and so took it upon themselves to open it up. I don't think that this is going to be a problem for AS&SH second edition.

AS&SH art by Val Semeiks don't forget to to support the AS&SH 2nd edition kickstarter.

One of the reasons why I returned to original Dungeons & Dragons & Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as well as the OSR retroclones is the lack of companion worlds or settings. Let me bring this back to Astonshing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. My take on AS&SH Hyperborea is going to be very different from any other dungeon master's because the fact is that I've got a totally different take on Hyperborea. But that's alright because the most important signature characters are already at the table, that's the player's characters. They're the stars of the adventure that your already running! My point here is that the DYI attitude that comes with the creation of adventure and campaign worlds is inherit in the joy of gaming, when every single hex, temple, ruin, dungeon is filled in then the players & the DM are going to take it upon themselves to create the world setting that they want. I've seen this happen in war games, old school table top, and other systems of gaming.

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1d10 Random Relics of Hyperborea Treasure Table For Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea & Your Old School Campaigns

There are weird treasures that are unearthed across the face of Hyperborea, strange finds that make their way to bazaars, markets, and shops across the whole of the world. Many of them are from before the Green Death plague that swept across the world. All of them carry with them strange and odd patterns of magic or worse. Here are a quick selection of such items for your adventurers to find.

1d10 Weird Random Minor Treasure Table 
  1. A silver torc that contains the soul of a great Celtic chieftain, he will bestow upon a fighter a + 1 to all damage rolls but in the midst of heavy combat, he may try to possess the owner. Worth 200 gold pieces because of the incredible workmanship of the piece. 
  2. A golden dagger that carries with it, a strange curse for anyone using the weapon. The owner's flesh becomes a part of the spirit world enabling the owner to wound spirits and ghosts but eventually, the owner will become a specter of evil aspect himself. A pack of the previous owners of this weapon will welcome him into their ranks in the realms of the dead. Worth 150 because over the centuries the heavy toll of use has damaged the weapon. The dagger carries the name Wither Sharp in High Hyperborean tongue on the blade. 
  3. A single well preserved eye of an unknown type of giant makes up the center jewel of this bronze and gold ring. The ring allows the owner to spy upon any magical rites or rituals happening within a four mile radius of the ring. The owner may hurl a minor 2d6 damage lightning bolt three times per day from within the fragments of the giant's soul at a target within fifty yards. Each time this is done however the owner's skin turns a pale shade of blue for 1d8 days. If done more then three times per day there is a 30% chance of this mutation becoming permanent . There is also a chance of the owner being possessed by the soul of giant king whose eye this ring was made from.
  4. This metal cube contains the third eye of a wizard preserved and locked with a jeweled matrix. This device enables the owner to stare deeply into a target's soul and three times per day know a great truth about the target unless a save vs spell is made. The device may also allow the owner to freeze the target in place for 1d8 days in a stasis time lock. The device once belonged to a cult of assassins who wish it back and will hunt down the owner to get this device back once its been found. 
  5. An iron crown which once belonged to a great king has within it the soul of his lord chamberlain who can advise the target on matters of state. The chamberlain is of an evil aspect and will begin to steer the owner toward building a small empire based upon evil and brutality. The owner will become a minor chaotically evil warlord over time. The crown also acts as a mass charm spell once a week. This minor artifact once had a great name but it has long since rusted away. 
  6. A small rod that contains a bound fire elemental was once the heart and soul of a great forge and furnace. Three times per day this rod may cast a fire ball spell, or a flame strike. The elemental is a minor noble among its kind and is waiting for a worthy owner to pass along its ancient knowledge of the riddle of steel and the metal workings of the gods.  If the rod's owner is not worthy the road will erupt into a gout of pure elemental flame for 3d6 points of damage per round and consume the soul of the owner. 
  7. This small black ring contains the power of a dead star within its iron confines and once per day open a door to the realm of the dead. The secret to shutting it has been lost, 1d8 souls of damned will emerge to torment and harry the owner. A demon will come to collect the souls and unless the owner can convince the dead otherwise; it will kill the owner for allowing the gates of Hell to be breached. Only certain spellbooks of the damned contain the secret for closing the door. 
  8. This staff belonged to a star gazer and court astrologist who once charged the heavens of Hyperborea. Those holding the staff will know the position of every star within the sky. The owner's consciousness will expand within 1d8 months and they fade into the fabric of eternity unless they make a save vs staves and rods once a week after staff's trial period. Those who do will become astrologists of an almost divine aspect, able to cast charts for royalty.
    The staff contains an onyx map of the heavens in miniature. The staff is worth 1000 gold pieces. It once had a great name but it has been lost to eternity. 
  9. This tablet of soap stone contains seventeen passages of the names of the dead kings of Hyperborea from the ancient past. These names may be used to banish certain types of demons from Hell and the Outer Darkness. The tablet though contains a curse of damnation and insanity. 
  10. This minor astrolabe contains the jeweled planets of the Great Old Ones and their demons. Once per stellar alignment if their true name is known a wizard may call one down. Those names have been lost to the decay of the ages making this a 500 gold piece curiosity of the damned but nothing more.

    In order to properly use these magical relics of a bygone age download the free Hyperborea calender from The Free Northwind Resource section.
    "This 14-page PDF is useful for both players and referees of any Hyperborea campaign. It is a printable calendar that provides ample space for jotting important campaign notes, and also keeping track of important events such as moon cycles, festivals, and more."
    Don't forget to support the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2nd edition kicstarter 

OSR Cosmic Destruction Sunday With More Commentary For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign Set Up

We're unleashing OSR cosmic destruction with mid tier wizards, alien cities, & the ruins of Boston & N'Yark today!

The blighted sun has arisen on Thundarr's world & last night I got a chance to take a look at season two episode fifteen City of Evil. Why is this episode that important to kitchen sink campaign? Well because first of all it happens almost in my backyard in & around the ruins of Boston Massachusetts in Thundarr's world. It also happens to feature Sarott, a lower tier trash wizard who demonstrates that not all wizards have to have war machines & citadels to become fantastic threats.

Thundarr and company put the hurt on Sarott, he's basically stopped cold & hurled into a portion of the ruins that seem to pepper this version of Boston. The gauntlet in the meantime returns to Gorn the leader of Reporta; a note about Gorn he knows the secrets of the gauntlet & I have a feeling that in the past a wizard owned the relic perhaps even controlling Logan Airport ruins.
Sarott stumbles onto the miniaturized 'City of Thieves' an alien city that survived the apocalypse with Logan's Run levels of Eighties technology. I say alien because nothing about this city matches the remains of cars, planes, buildings,etc. My guess is that when the two worlds merged things were stable for a bit say about ten years or so. Everyone is getting along & many of the day to day world's technology levels went up. A faster then light drive system is employed, genetic engineering becomes more common place & everything appears alright. Then the ugly head of technological magic rears it head & suddenly you've got factions, terrorism, industrial applications of primal chaos, & paranoia as the first of the wizards begins to appear. Magick in Thundarr's world warps both mind & body. Given this fact you can see the lines in the sand as the first wizards begin to appear as the heads of terrorist organizations, factions of armies, alien warlords as allies, and finally the runaway planet. Want a good example of a wizard who survived the Great Cataclysm? Mindok The Mind Menace is a good example of a wizard whose survived the events of the apocalyptic events. Why mention this? Because the City Of Thieves is a bunch of alien mercenaries straight out of the gate who have survived for generations in their miniaturized state.

Want to know why the United States military was working feverishly before that planet hurled between the Earth and the moon? Take a look at the techology level of the City of Thieves! This is straight up Mutant Future/ Gamma World's Ancient's alien technology! The shifty 1970's technology of the underdwellers of Apes Victorious might be a good stand in for these bastards. I mean these folks are straight up evil cutting a deal with Sarrott.

How much of a threat are these folks to the world of Thundarr The Barbarian? Well for two thousand years they've been producing their own food, energy, waiting for a wizard or the like to happen across them. I don't think that Sarott is the first wizard to cross their path but I do think he's the first fool to take them seriously enough to unshrink them. He might have wanted to look carefully around the area for carbon outlines of other wizards. In point of fact the gauntlet is used to unshrink the city, change poor Gorn into a mutated minion of Sarott, & handle the vast magical energies of the primal chaos of Thundarr's world. There has got to be a vast underground mega dungeon under Boston that  probably belonged to Sarott's unseen wizard boss. Don't worry all of this was solved in the twenty minutes by Thundarr except for two facts one the City of  Thieves's inhabitants have escaped into the world of Thundarr which could give rise to a whole new crop of wizards (everyone one of those city dwellers knows how to use the technological magical relics of Thundarr's world) & Sarott is still out there!!?
Why was the City of Thieves there in the first place? Well it was probably a spoil of war & far too valuable to destroy or it had been preserved by a wizard before the world of man was cast into ruins.

So what does all of this have to do with Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea & Adventurer Conqueror King? Quite a bit! The fact is that given the way that Sarott acts it seems to me he's got a bit of a reputation problem and there are some free optional rules for covering that for ACK's! Download the Supplemental optional reputation rules here  Sarott is the perfect lower tier base wizard to throw into a kitchen sink Thundarr style campaign. He's cagey doesn't have much ability, and he's a bully of the first order. He's the perfect type of jerk to find wandering the halls and dungeons of Operation Unfathomable.

A gallery of production sheets from the show
(Attention: two of the pictures show a topless, and a fully naked Ariel) gives the potential for more wizards & creatures to stick into your games. Now given Sarott's demeanor and candor he's an opportunist of the first order. There are possibly hundreds of potential Sarott's wandering the dungeons, fields, & ruins of Hyperborea. The fact is that petty wizards with delusions of grandeur are perfect foils for parties of adventurers and outlaws. I've always had Thundarr's Earth a step away through the borea winds from Hyperborea in my campaigns universe.

Map of HYPERBOREA by Glynn Seal

The Kickstarter for the second edition of Hyperborea is moving along at a juggernaut's pace & given the reception that the incredible looking book has had its no wonder. Now that being said there are still some awesome resources for AS&SH that you can download and plot out your own kitchen sink game. Such as the incredibly useful free maps by Ben Ball. You can grab those right here
This basically means that you can plot out everything you need for ruins, dungeons, & whatnot without ruining or disturbing your own books. Plus you can use it on tablets or other devices as needed and while your there you might want to grab  All Too Familiar by Colin Chapman which has a boat load of familiars for your petty or mid tier wizards.  So what are you going to do if your players are way too familiar with Thundarr The Barbarian's world to use it as a setting and you don't have the time to come up with a setting of your own but you really need a nearby post apocalyptic world for one step beyond the borea winds? Not to worry  The Mutant Future Wiki has us covered! The Mighty Samson comic book from Dell has an excellent N'Yark setting  which the overgrowth-covered ruins of New York where the ruins of Manhat might fit!
This is the perfect venue for your mid tier wizards or even Sarott to show up next. Mutants, aliens, etc. its all been sketched out for you and your players!

Sure its the end for the City of Thieves but what treasures and relics were left behind when it went down? Who out of the alien city will become a wizard or the latest menace to the wasteland?
Only you can decide!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Five Named Artifact Weapons For Your Old School Campaigns

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Each of these firearms has been painstakingly created from the bones and metals of the various demons and angels involved in the "Fall From Heaven". These firearms are often found within the armories of archdevils and various occult collectors of such things. Each one has been crafted from the finest metals, bones, and materials.
Each is a sterling example of a Colt 1911 fire arm and capable of taking out a minor godling, demon, or spirit with deadly accuracy. These weapons often seem to have minds of their own. Malevolent intelligence that whisper to their owners. Some are nasty and dangerous tools capable of leading their owners into situations of utmost danger. Often these firearms find their way into situations or pivotal moments of history. The ammo for these weapons is often made from the vary souls of the person or being using the weapons. Utmost care must be used when firing these weapons. They often carry a curse or streak of necrotic magic with them.
I have not used any game statistics so that they may be used in any game system.  Any angel or arch demon knowing that an adventurer who possesses such a weapon will be hunted down and their souls ripped from their vary bodies.

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Five  Named Artifact Fire Arms
  1. Fatuaur The Devil's Pistol - This weapon has been created from the bones of a minor god of the old ones. This weapon is a black as a total eclipse and responds like a hot knife through butter. It is said that the weapon lusts for the blood of monsters and that it has a taste for families. The weapon has been know to misfire in the presence of siblings and if rumors are to be believed it has killed over 333 demons of the first order. The weapon is cursed with a blood lust and manufactures its own ammo from the dreams of regret of its owner. The weapon is embossed with glyphs of power of a forgotten and forbidden religion of Hell itself. 
  2. Lkarangirn The Angel's Friend  - This weapon's slide and barrel have been created from the tears of a million angels and scoured in the rivers of Hell. The weapon is good and lawful mostly but has a frightening visage from a trapped angel within its frame. The pistol reacts to the presence of anything diabolic but often glows with murderous light when evil is present. The pistol has been known to shoot by itself and kill any sinners within its range. The thing purrs when it kills and often drives its owner into greater and greater dangerous situations to combat evil. 
  3. Motharg- Created on the orders of the twelfth plane's of Hell. The thing was made from the straight razors of a tribe of demons. The barrel and parts created in the heart of a valcano and tempered in the icy planes of Hell. The weapon reacts like an extension of its owner's arm. An unholy weapon that has an appetite for the destruction of any holy relics or things of Heaven. The weapon often passes hands until its target is found. The weapon often has its owners stalk its victims for it. Motharg likes to be the center of violence and fills its owners with the fury of a beserk. The weapon can heal mortal wounds for a price. Often the victims soul that is absorbed to create ammo for itself. 
  4. Sarmi  The Yomi Blade - This weapon was created from the swords of a rebellious Oni. The Oni's spirit was trapped within the weapon and used to create the magic of the weapon. This weapon will aim itself and kill any undead creature it can. It hates its owners but will serve but kill the first born of its owner if possible. The weapon bears a strange curse and will force the owner to assume the personality of an oni but with no powers once every six full moons. 
    1. Tulilat- This weapon is the bound form of an angelic concubine of a saint from the 13 worlds. It's righteous fury creates its ammo and it will slay minor gods for its owner. The weapon hates to be mishandled and will bite its owner when firing if the owner ever miss treats the weapon. 
    1. The weapon will every full moon offer counsel in matters of Biblical importance and teach its owner clerical matters. The weapon loves to slay vampires and other undead. The weapon will slowly warp its owners personality into a vain and pompous character over time. The weapon will heal the owner once per week if the owner promises a term of service. Once per week the owner may call a minor angelic spirit. The owner will be followed by the ghosts of those it slays they are powerless to harm the owner but may taunt or tease the fool.